Disclaimer: This was written by someone who has never had any formal education in information theory. If entropy were a girl, I only know her because she sometimes visits the coffee shop I work at.

When it comes to binary file formats, it is common to see different forms of compression to occur internally within. File formats like FBX, for example, have flags on each instance of their array nodes to indicate whether the data within is compressed. General-purpose compression methods work well most of the time because humans conveniently group related data together in these cool little things files…

Leaderboards are a great way to incorporate competition into your game. However, a player can feel daunted by the scores of those at the top. An ideal scenario would be to enable your users to reach those higher scores, without ever leaving the game. Recolude enables your player base by providing replays of other’s runs without ever having to leave the game. By using Recolude, developers can focus on the important parts of their game without having the headaches of maintaining servers, indexing/searching binary data, and geo-replicating/edge caching important resources. …

If words bore you and are more interested in the code I’ve put it on GitHub. I have also put together an online demo for generating your own transmutation circles.

The final design of the tattoo

I have been working on a VR videogame called Rapture for around a year now in my free time when college has not been killing me. Rapture is a game where you play as a demon and use your supernatural powers to destroy. At one point I was working on building a skill tree for the player to progressively unlock different powers. Somewhere down the line, the idea was thrown…

Rapture Development Log #2

Today I would like to cover some of the features that have been implemented since the recent start of our Kickstarter. These changes both make the game more flashy, and changes how the demo is played.

New Portal

We implemented a new stylish portal system in which a large flaming pentagram appears in front of the player. We achieved this effect by first 3D modeling a pentagram mesh inside of Blender. After importing the model into Unity3D we create a particle system whose modified emission shape takes on the mesh we just built.

Rapture Development Log #1

Hello, my name is Eli Davis. I am the lead developer on Scry’s upcoming VR game Rapture. This will be the first of many development logs which aim to keep those interested up to date on the progress of the game. They will also provide brief tutorials and overviews of mechanics or features found in Rapture.

This past week, I updated the death animation for when a skull is sliced in half by the player. To make an enemy more satisfying to kill, it is essential to reward the player with flashy feedback upon successfully cutting the enemy. Visual feedback…

A few weekends ago I attended the amazing Crimson Hacks Hackathon hosted on the campus of the University of Alabama. This was the first Hackathon event I have ever attended and had no idea what to expect, and my team members were in the same boat. This was a 24 hour MLH sponsored event where you had plenty of resources at your disposal for building what you wanted. Our team ended up taking 3rd place, as well as won a separate sponsored contest for “most disruptive hack”. A link to our dev post can be found here. …

This was written for my Tech Writing class where I had to explain the concept of reactive programming to a more general audience that might not have a background in computer science. Most programmers might find this explanation too vague or simplified.

The Need To Go Reactive

The computer industry today is progressively producing applications that operate at an ever-growing complexity. The rise of these new technologies challenge how code has been traditionally written and forces programmers to re-architect established modes of thinking in order to build a much cleaner and maintainable application. Reactive programming is a style of programming that addresses current issues in…

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Developer of VR and all things associated. And also things not associated. I uh, write code.

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